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Rohma Ashraf


School of Professional Psychology

Department of Clinical Psychology

 : [email protected]   

Ms. Rohma Ashraf is a practicing Clinical Psychologist & Lecturer at Institute of Clinical Psychology. She has done MS Clinical Psychology from Institute of Clinical Psychology, UMT Lahore & BS Psychology from Bahauddin Zakariya University. She has joined ICP, UMT in 2021 as a Lecturer. 

Rohma Ashraf has diverse experience in clinical practice, teaching and research. She has had the opportunity to learn and work in different settings, with her work primarily revolving around people having mild to moderate psychological problems. She also worked with university students, school children’s emotional and behavioral problems, and adults in clinical and community settings. I also got expertise in Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavior therapy, and number of projective techniques. This hands-on experience while interacting, knowing, and helping people belonging to different cultural backgrounds, was really fulfilling and enlightening. We all know that problems are a normal part of our lives. She strongly believes that if there is a problem, surely it has a solution, provided we adopt an appropriate and realistic approach to deal with the problem. She believes it is always good to share your problem especially when you see no light rather than passively waiting for something to happen. 

Her zeal is not restricted to academic pursuits alone. She is associated with a number of significant social endeavors too. She believes that her strengths include a high degree of motivation, hard work, and resilience along with her ability to take up challenges, remain goal-directed, and work under pressure.


Conducted several workshops from time to time on coping with stress, Assertiveness Training conflict resolution, coping with grief, Procrastination, Narrative Therapy, Presentation skills, psychological Assessment, listening skills, and on various topics related to psychology, etc.

Research interests: 

Her current research interests are clinical psychology, positive psychology, self-regulation, family functioning, mental toughness, parenting styles, embitterment, teachers and marginalized populations.

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