Vision Statement

Our vision is to ensure the development and application of the discipline of Clinical Psychology to the highest level of professional excellence. and provide maximum benefit to society. We would like to see the philosophy and practice of clinical psychology to have its roots to our society and culture so that we could investigate readily and easily understand problems endemic to our society. We would like to see the Clinical Psychologist, with knowledge, training, skills and experience, playing an important contribution in management of human behaviour in almost all areas of life like health, mental health, education, special education, industry, growth and development, promoting adjustment and positive life style. Therefore, creating a society in which one can realize one’s potential and deal with and others with honesty, dignity, and respect. We would like to see a clinical Psychologist as an accomplished professional with high moral values to carry out his responsibility with care and sensitivity.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to raise the standard and quality of training of Clinical Psychologists to the highest level of professionalism with knowledge and expertise required to function in the role of a scientist- practitioner and meet the needs of all factions of society.

We shall continue to look for new venues for application of our knowledge and expertise, new areas of concern, new vulnerable population and emerging issues. We shall develop new courses and specialism to expand our knowledge and understanding in diverse fields where mental health plays a key role in recovery and rehabilitation. Taking a special care for the problems that are endemic to our society and modify our views, perceptions, in more healthy and humane directions respecting the individual rights without bias, prejudice and discrimination.

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