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Muhammad Saeed Anwar is a true embodiment of excellence and commitment from the Department of Applied Psychology. With the remarkable distinction of being the top performer from 2018 to 2022 he has proudly earned accolades such as the Gold Medal, Rector Award Medal, Dean Award Medal, and Star Peer Tutor Award. His brilliance extends far beyond campus, as evidenced by his triumph in inter-triumph events, including Quiz, Model Presentation, and Panel Discussion, where to outshone competitors from Lahore’s top 10 universities.

Noor is a distinguished recipient of rector’s merit award within the DAP at UMT. Notably Noor’s accomplishments are not confined solely to academics as she has also made remarkable strikes in the realm of chess earning the distinguished title of National Chess Master from the chess Federation of Pakistan. Furthermore she has been honored with prestigious International Diana Award 2023 and the Humaray Heroes Award for her social work to raise awareness of child and women rights.

My journey at University of Management and Technology has been a progressive and overwhelming. My teachers and mentors’  lessons are very close to my heart. Being an alumnus, I have secured significant awards including Dean’s Award and Rector’s Award among others. UMT has helped polish and enhanced my research expertise in a well-versed framework throughout these years. It has taught me to progress in different ways to explore and to articulate things into a research parameter by exploring different opportunities during my postgraduation. My journey at UMT has aspired me immensely and has shaped my experiential learning. The cooperation of faculty has made me focused in my career and I am happy to say this wholeheartedly that I want to pursue my Doctorate in this field of research from UMT. 

Ayesha Khan

MPhil Scholar, 3rd Semester


The achievements I made through in UMT are my merit scholarship, Dean’s Award, appreciation from the professors, applaud on the thesis work and handful knowledge experience.
The most important part of my whole journey at UMT is the self-development and grooming that uplifted my confidence, my skills and polished my abilities, made me realized that there is no end to hard work, passion and consistency. I did not belong to psychology background neither was I familiar with what psychology is, the base of psychology and everything. However, with continued assistance of my esteemed teachers I gathered courage of waking up the every morning with same level of energy, which would boost me to persevere. I am looking forward to my post graduation at UMT I believe there is no end to knowledge, you learn and you grow. ELHAMDULILLAH, being grateful is the real success. Thankyou….!!

Arham Fatima

Msc Pychology


Some decisions in your life prove out the best you ever made. Likewise, taking admission to the Applied Psychology Department of UMT was the best choice I have ever made for myself. Today I feel greatly privileged by sharing my success story with you all and it could not have been possible if I would not get a chance to be a part of the UMT family.
When I was enrolled in UMT I was merely an average student, and even had no idea how to build a strong career. But to this date, I am confident and skilled!
I have dedicated my four years to this university and in return, it has given me valuable knowledge that is incomparable to any other institute. Every day gave me a chance to learn something new from my mentors. They have given me confidence that “Yes, I can do beyond the limits!”
Keeping this in mind, I took an initiative for a Psychology Club at University and for this effort, I was honored to become the president of the UMT Psychology Club. We conduct webinars, seminars, and other student activities under the name of the UMT Psychology Club, which helps in promoting mental health awareness and I feel so proud to say that our university has always been at our back for such causes. With all this support from my university, I would pursue my career in the field of psychology for the betterment of society.
Not only this, the Dean's Merit Award has motivated me to achieve more and higher and I'm very confident that in near future I am going to highlight the name of my department “Applied Psychology” with all my achievements.

I, Hafsa Khan, am a star of UMT, which is my identity, my pride, my bright future, and my honor!

Hafsa Khan,

BS Applied Psychology, 8th Semester


I am Maham Zahid, studying BS Psychology here from UMT, I am in eighth semester, I have achieved Dean Award in sixth semester. The esteemed faculty at UMT is one of the best I have ever studied with. I have had a very good experience at UMT. Not only are the teachers very good but in UMT almost everyone is kind towards students, which makes me so comfortable and lively to be a part of UMT. If I have any, I easily approach the faculty and management and they always resolve my issue. Moreover, I have so many things to do in future, I have always wanted to become a psychologist, after completing my BS, I will take admission here in UMT again for postgraduate degree. Taking admission at UMT has been one of the best decisions of my academic life.

Maham Zahid,

BS Psychology, 8th Semester


Education is the basic right of every human, which helps not only at individual level but society as well. I have started my journey of 4 years of bachelor program BS in university of management and technology (UMT), to pursue my career in psychology. UMT family consists of great faculty members who helped me to stay motivated throughout the journey, educate me not only about my strengths and weakness but also helped me to learn

 how to face challenges. Quality education is the core objective of UMT, character building including self-esteem, personality development, knowing my self- worth or adding worth to my life is only possible by education served by UMT. I scored 4 SGPA in my 7th semester that motivated me to excel in future, got Rector award which not only motivated me but also reminds me that I can do it and I can achieve what I desire about. After completing my degree, I would love to serve for humanity by pursuing my career in psychology. I would like to acknowledge UMT to enhance my strengths and giving direction to my goal to achieve it with confidence and enthusiasm.

Sarah Shaikh

BS Psychology, 7th semester


I am so overwhelmed to be a part of UMT as a psychology student. Looking back at the past 2 years I have grown and learned so much here. I have always been a kind and helpful person entire my life and I wish to be always kind and generous to others no matter what! My friend suggested me this university and after getting admission, I was unsure about myself. When I interacted with my teachers, they were all so amazing and super motivational. I never thought they would discover the real inner me and ask for to pour out the potential at so early stage and later every teacher was always appreciating and motivating me by saying “you have the potential in you and is hidden, pour it out and come out from your comfort zone”. In the very first interaction with my teachers at every start of new semester, I realized that my choice was right; UMT has some of the best teachers to learn from them. I have felt that at UMT getting feedback from teachers helps a lot in improving my education and personal grooming. Teachers appreciate and acknowledge the hard work one does in order to achieve well at UMT. I would only want this just to pursue my career as a psychologist after completing my BS (Hons) in Applied Psychology from UMT and getting admission in some of the high ranked Universities in the world afterwards to complete my MS. I am so sure of this goal because UMT is truly helping me in what way I desire to fulfill my dreams (In Sha Allah, AMEEN). In the end, I would like to say best of luck to everyone in achieving their goals, I am so sure that you all are going to ace it!

Rabia Wasim, 

BS Psychology, 5th Semester

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