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This two-year full-time degree course for MS in Clinical Psychology is a fully developed comprehensive program designed to train professional clinical psychologists. This course was first introduced in Pakistan in 2005, is now based at UMT Lahore. This program retains several innovative features that are designed to:

  • Improve the training of Clinical Psychology in Pakistan to international standards and ensure the independent standing of Clinical Psychology as a professional discipline.
  • Meet the growing needs and changing demands of the health services and the community and explore new areas for application and research.
  • Retain School Psychology as an integral part of this program to help the mainstream school children in intellectual and emotional growth.
  • Further, develop the scientific basis of Clinical Psychology by orientating and directing research towards indigenous issues and problems.

Aims of the Course

The main aims of this course are to help the trainees:

  • Develop competence in basic clinical skills and be able to deal with a wide range of problems in different age groups in various clinical and community settings.
  • Comprehend psychological problems within the framework of diverse scientific theories with effective, efficient and evidence based professional clinical practices.
  • Master the most important and widely used methods of psychological assessment and therapeutic interventions and use these judiciously.
  • Carry out essential research in the field of Clinical Psychology.
  • Conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner at all times.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • BS (Hon) in Psychology with CGPA of 2.5/4.00 or M.Sc Psychology with 1stDivor 60% marks from a reputable and HEC recognized University.
  • The candidate is selected on the performance of the Admission Test and Interview.
  • Personal suitability to become a Clinical Psychologist is essential.

Course Structure

  • This Two Year training program in Clinical Psychology is a full-time course, spanning four semesters
  • Throughout the course, an integrated model is adopted where lectures, workshops, and placements take place simultaneously. This approach embraces the spirit of professional education and training in action.
  • Each trainee will be assigned a Advisor – a member of the faculty whom the trainee will meet regularly in small group meetings for tutorials, seminars and for guidance. The Advisor will also monitor and evaluate the trainee’s, progress throughout the program.

 Course Contents

  • This is a practice-based course in which two-thirds of the time will be spent on practical training under the supervision of qualified professionals.
  • The academic course accounting for the remaining time will cover these broad areas – Childhood & Adult Disorders, Psychological Assessment of Children & Adults, School Psychology, Research Methods, Professional & Ethical Issues, and a Research Project.

Road Map of MS Clinical Psychology

Semester 1

Applicable to Batch No. F2018146- Onwards        Semester Credit Hours: 12-13CH

Total Credit Hours:     48


Course Title

Cr. Hrs.



Basic Clinical Skills

3 CH



3 CH


Psychological Interventions             

3 CH


Clinical shadowing

3 CH



Developmental Psychopathology

3 CH

CP- 625

Clinical Placement and Case Studies (child)

0+4 CH 

CP- 630

Research Methods

3 CH


Professional and Ethical Issues in Clinical Psychology

3 CH



Adult Disorders (Assessment and Psychotherapies)

3 CH


Clinical Placement and Case Studies (Adult)

0+4 CH


Statistical Methods in Clinical Psychology

3 CH



School Psychology

3 CH


Clinical Placement and Case Studies (School)

0+4 CH




Semester Credit Hours: 12-13CH





Q1: Is GAT Compulsory for Ph.D.?

A: Yes

Q2: What is the merit for Ms. Counseling, Ms. Clinical Psychology?

A:  we strictly adhere to our criteria of 1st division in the most recent degree, 60% passing marks in entry test and comparatively good scoring an interview.

Q4: Is there any Top-up or diploma course in spp, UMT?

A: No we don’t hold top-up or any diploma course

Q5: What is the schedule for Ph.D. and MS classes

A: Ph.D. classes from Tuesday to Thursday (2:00-5:00 pm), MS classes from Monday to Friday 8:00-5:00 pm

Q6: What is the Fee Structure for MS and Ph.D

A: Visit for complete fee structure

Q7: How to prepare for the entry test of MS Clinical & Counselling?

A: History of psychology, general psychology, child and adult psychopathology, Psychological assessment and Interventions, DSM-5, Basic statistics, research & APA. MCQ’S =100 marks

Q8: What is the format of the entry test of Ph.D.?

A: It will be all subjective, essay-based, relevant to your clinical and research experience

Q9: Is there any weekend program for MS or Ph.D.?

A: Not at all

Q10: Can we apply online?

A: Yes, Visit…/Download-Forms.aspx

Q11: Do you have any other campus of SPP?

A: Yes, SPP in Sialkot Campus. Currently, we have only one course running over there i.e. MS Clinical Psychology

Q12: Is GAT Compulsory for Ms. Counseling, Ms. Clinical Psychology?

A: No only department’s entry test is compulsory



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