Instructions for Scientific Session (For Presenters)

Instructions for Scientific Session (For Presenters)

  1. Presenters are requested to join scientific session with your own name.
  2. It is requested to face the camera during oral presentation and during the question and answer session.
  3. The presenter should be available in the scientific session to answer the questions.
  4. Chat options will be available for question and answers for the audience to participate.
  5. Most important you should have a stable internet connection for the presentation/session.


Guidelines for Oral Presentation

  1. Conference program mentioned in the booklet and shared with the participants will be followed.
  2. Oral presentations will be in live scientific sessions that will be moderated by session chairs.
  3. All the participants need to follow the instructions of moderators and facilitators.
  4. Participants for oral presentations have to be available during their respective sessions at their assigned time.
  5. In case they are unable to present during the session, they are requested to send a prerecorded audio presentation to the organizers at [email protected].
  6. Priority will be given to the live presentation.


Instructions for Slides


  1. Be sure to clearly indicate your title, author names and affiliated institutions on the first slide.
  2. Be sure to keep the same layout throughout the PowerPoint slides.
  3. Avoid animations, audio and videos on slides.
  4. Be sure to add just pointers on the slides.
  5. Each presenter will be given 7 minutes for oral presentation and 3 minutes for question answer session from the audience. The limit should not be exceeded.
  6. Prepare your PowerPoint presentation according to the format given below:


No of Slides


Content to cover

Title, Authors, Background, Objectives, Hypotheses, Sample, Measures, Procedure, Results, Conclusion, Limitations & Implications

Presentation Time

7 min


3 min

Font Size (Heading)

Min 40pt – Max 50pt

Font Size (Text)

Min 28pt – Max 32pt

 Note: Last date to submit the soft copy of PowerPoint slides and prerecorded audio presentations is Wednesday 10th November 2021.

 We wish GOOD LUCK to all presenters.  We look forward to the inspiring presentations and discussions during the conference!


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