Clinical and Counselling Psychology Review

Author Guidelines

Clinical and Counselling Psychology Review (CCPR) addresses a variety of specializations like clinical, counseling, educational, developmental, health, community and other areas of psychology covering all aspects of human behavior. CCPR is committed to innovative and interdisciplinary approaches that explore new methods and areas.

Article Types

1.      Qualitative and empirical studies as well as unique case studies on emerging topics are preferred.

2.      The journal also emphasizes therapies and services directed for improving the mental health of the clinical population and the community

3.      Review articles which deal with the understanding of the biopsychosocial problems and etiological factors are also considered.

Types of Manuscripts

Original articlesThese include empirical studies, outcome studies and case study. The word limit for original article is up to 3000 words (excluding abstract, tables, figures and references).  

Review articles. Meta-analysis should follow the APA guidelines for Meta-Analysis Reporting System (MARS) guidelines ( ). The main text of the review article should be around 3000 words with maximum 6 tables and/or figures.

Book review. It includes review of books related to social sciences. The word count should range between 500-1000 words.

Manuscript preparation guidelines

  • Manuscripts are accepted only in English. Authors are required to specify the word count along with their manuscript.
  • The structured abstract should range between 150 to 250 words including following headings: Objectives, method, results, and conclusion. The abstract should include 3 to 5 keywords. The subtitles of the manuscript should include title, abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, conclusion, acknowledgment and references; appendices, table(s) and figure(s) with caption(s) in separate files but clearly mention their best suitable place within main text at their appropriate place. 
  • Please clearly mention that manuscript has not been submitted anywhere else for publication. Submission of an article implies that the work described has not been published previously in the form of an abstract or as part of a published lecture or academic thesis or as an electronic preprint and it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. Provide details if you have received funding from organization otherwise provide a disclosure statement that “no funding was received from any organization” on cover page.
  • Identify corresponding author in the title page. All authors should include full names, affiliations, postal addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses on title page. Address acknowledgement for the research work properly.
  • Please provide information where the study was actually done and if the co-authors have moved during review process, provide current affiliation.
  • Provide information about the Ethical committee/institution board that approved the study. Mention it in the manuscript that the names of the subjects used are factitious. Clearly describe ethical considerations under Methods section.

Style guidelines

Manuscript should be prepared using APA style guide (6th ed.). APA style provides the author-date citation system that helps the reader to find sources in text. Besides that all the sources are listed alphabetically in the reference list.

Authorship criteria

Authorship credit will be awarded only on behalf of components mentioned below

  • Concept and design of study
  • Acquisition of data, analysis and interpretation
  • Drafting article

General supervision is not enough to award authorship. The collection of data only or of funding is not enough to warrantee credit of authorship

Manuscript submission

All manuscript should be submitted only on [email protected].  No manuscript will be entertained on any other link.


For frequently asked question or in order to contact editor in any case, please follow the link ccpr­[email protected].

Peer review process

All manuscripts will be acknowledged upon receiving. Manuscript will be assessed first through in-house evaluation. This process will require one month and authors will be informed about primary decision. After this stage, manuscript will be sent to two reviewers. The review process will require approximately 2-3 months. Upon receiving the transcript from the referees, one week will be given for submission of revision. The changes should be marked with colored text. After final approval, acceptance letter will be issued to the author.


Galley proofs will be sent to authors through e-mail after acceptance for checking the production. The responsibility lies upon author to check all the text and data for being correct and suitable for publication. No changes would be accepted after approval of galley proof.

Copyright Notice

Accepted manuscripts won’t be reproduced anywhere without permission of the Editor.


Any opinion expressed by the author won’t be consistent with the final decision of the editor.

Publication Charges

There are no publication charges in this journal.

Privacy Statement

The information provided about the authors will be used exclusively for the stated purpose of the journal.

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