National Conference Promoting Mental Health in Schools: A Way Forward March 17, 2018

 National Conference on School Psychology

Promoting Mental Health in Schools: A Way Forward

March 17, 2018  Venue: Conference hall UMT, Lahore


School Psychology is a combination of educational psychology as child clinical psychology. Childhood era is a stressful period as a result of new learning new experiences that require continual adjustment. Schools provide a venue where all developments; intellectual, emotional, psychological and social, come together. A lot of children manage to go through their childhood unscathed. However, an adverse experiences in early life can affect the developmental progress of the child. When this happens problems in schools are usually the first indications of such problems. To alleviate these effects, school psychology has been found a very effective way of dealing with the problems of growing up. Moreover, School psychology can promote and facilitate healthy growth and development of the child, self-regulation, confidence, competence, social responsibility as well as academic skills.

School psychology is an integral part of the educational systems in the most developed and developing countries in the world. In Pakistan we first introduced school psychology in 2005 as an adjunct to the clinical training program. We are now beginning to see trained psychologist providing a professional services to the country. However, the progress has been rather slow. Our experiences both in research and clinical work in this area has given us sufficient confidence to hold first national conference on school psych ology in Pakistan. The main objectives of the conference are

  • Promote school psychology as an essential part of schooling
  • To create awareness of the importance of school psychology in all stakeholders like parents, teachers, educationalists and the public at large.
  • To ensure the Schools to be develop policy and practice of healthy mind and healthy body.
  • Develop a national training program in school psychology
  • To identify venues for research in this area to develop effective methods of assessment and management of the problem.
  • To consider the setting up of an autonomous professional body to regulate school psychology in the country


National Conference on

“Promoting Mental Health in Schools: A Way Forward

March 17, 2018

Participants to be seated 8:00 am

Guests to be seated 8:30 am

Inaugural Session 9:00-12:30           Venue: The Conference Hall, UMT, Lahore

 March 17, 2018

9:00 am

A Recitation from the Holy Quran

9:10 am

National Anthem

9:15 – 9:45

Welcome Address by Prof. Dr. Zahid Mahmood

Director, Institute of Clinical Psychology, UMT, Lahore

9:45 – 10:00

 Ms. Amra Khan

Member of National Assembly (PML-N)


Ms. Saba Sadiq

Chairperson Child protection Welfare Bureau

10:15- 10:30

Major. Gen. Farrukh Rashid

Chairman, Lahore Garrison Education System

10:30- 10:45

Mr. Qamar-ul-Islam Raja

Chairman, Punjab Education Foundation


Dr. Allah Bakhsh Malik (PAS)

The Secretary School Education, Punjab

11:00- 11:15

Dr. Muhammad Aslam

The Rector, UMT, Lahore.


Dr. Hasan Sohaib Murad

Chairman, Board of Governors, UMT, Lahore


Keynote Address

Prof. Dr. Rebecca K. Fox
George Mason University  Fairfax, VA USA


Conclusion and Presentation of Shields to the Guests


Tea Break


Panel Discussion: Where do we go from here? Proposed Action Plan




Scientific Sessions (6 simultaneously)

In each session 6 research papers will be presented


Scientific Sessions (6 simultaneously)

In each session 6 research papers will be presented


Closing Ceremony by Mr. Abid Shirwani

 Vote of Thanks + Certificate Distribution

Inter Schools Panel Discussion

Where do we go from here? Proposed Action Plan

March 17, 2018 from 1:00 to 2:00 at The Conference Hall, UMT, Lahore




Welcome Address by Director ICP, UMT Prof. Dr. Zahid Mahmood


Panel Chair: Dr. Zahid Mahmood, The Director, ICP, UMT, Lahore will introduce the School Psychology services in Pakistan provided by ICP, UMT. This conference is unique in many ways. This is the first conference in school psychology in Pakistan. We believe schools are not just a place of learning academic skills but also a golden opportunity for laying the foundation of a healthy growth and development. Learning of academic and life skills are mutually supportive. Deficiency in one often result in poor performance in the other. Schools can facilitate not only intellectual development of the child but also emotional, behavioral and a whole range of personal and social skills that would help the child adjust to life as a health and useful citizen or adverse school experience can slow the seeds of maladjustment, poor functioning and psychological problems that may blight the child’s future.

Our research in Pakistan has shown that at least 40% of Government school children suffer psychological problems like anxiety, depression and under-functioning and leave school without acquiring the basic life skills that are needed for a fruitful life as an adult. Other things remaining the same such deficiencies create other secondary disorders like serious depression, addiction, abuse, poverty, violence and criminality.

 The panel chair will open the session for the discussion on “Where do we go from here? Proposed Action Plan”. The discussants will be stakeholders of schools such as, Educationalists, Psychologists, Teachers, School Managers, Education Planners, Policy makers, School Counsellors, Parents and Students who will proposed a systematic action plan and how to implement those steps to improve the educational system and learning of school children and the mental health.

Panel Discussants:

The Knowledge School

1.      Ms. Mariam Hasan Murad, Director ILM

2.      Ms. Asma Amir Pre-school Head The Knowledge School

The Govt. Muslim High School Civil Lines No. 02

3.      Dr. Shafqat Naeem, Headmaster

The Lady Maclagan School for Girls

4.      Ms. Farah Malik. Headmistress

The Musab School

5.      TBA

The Punjab School

6.      Mr. Sajid Masood,

Ex-Principal of the Punjab School and Assistant Professor Department of Education, UMT, Lahore

The Dar e- Arqam School

7.      TBA

“Promoting Mental Health in Schools: A Way Forward

Pre-Conference Workshops

March 15-16, 2018

Venue: UMT, Lahore

15th March 2018 Thursday



Learning Readiness Skills: Let’s Step Back to take a Step Forward

Resource Person: Ayesha Jabeen, Assistant Professor, ICP, UMT & Ayesha Asghar, Counselling Coordinator, ICP, UMT

9:30-12:30 pm


Room 3L-09



Narrative Therapy: Straighten the Past!

Resource Person: Sara Subhan, Assistant Professor, ICP, UMT, Lahore

Room 1N-11


Occupational Stress: A Modern Killer

Resource Person: Sana Daud, Clinical Counsellor, ICP, UMT, Lahore.

2:00-5:00 pm


Room 3L12



Underachievement: Mend or Amend

Resource Person: Dr. Fatima Naeem, Assistant Professor, ICP, UMT, Lahore

Room 3L09


Facilitating Teaching & Learning:  NLP Approach

Resource Person: Dr. Rafiq Dar (Assistant Professor, ICP, UMT, Lahore)

Room 3L11


 Pre-Conference Workshops

16th March 2018 Friday


Helping the Vulnerable Child in Schools

Resource Person: Uzma Ashiq, Consultant Clinical Counsellor, Salvation Army, Lahore & Samia Rani, Clinical Counsellor, The Rising Sun Institute, Lahore.



Room 3L10



Parent Child Relationship: Casting the Shadow on the Future

Resource Person: Zobia Amin, Clinical Counsellor, ICP, UMT, Lahore.

Room 2S48


Healing the Hidden Wounds:

Using Art as Therapy 

Resource Person: Aisha Rasool, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Peshawar.

Room 3L09



Anger Constructive and Destructive: Managing Your Emotions

Resource Person: Fariha Tariq, Lecturer, ICP, UMT, Sialkot & Ali Jawad, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, ICP, UMT Sialkot Campus

Room 3L12


Teacher Student Relationship: Strengthening the Bond

Resource Person: Dr. Ivan Suneel Samuel

Assistant Professor, FCC, Lahore

Room 3L11



Identifying Children with learning Difficulties: A Bio psychosocial Approach

Resource Person: Dr. Elizabeth Maria Schwaiger

Assistant Professor, FCC, Lahore

Room 1N11

Inter NGO Panel Discussion

The Trauma of Childhood: Past, Present and Future

March 16, 2018 from 2:00 to 5:30 at the Conference Hall, UMT, Lahore




A Recitation from the Holy Quran


National Anthem by Akhuwat College Students


Welcome Address by Prof. Dr. Zahid Mahmood


Panel Chair: Professor, Dr. Zahid Mahmood, The Director, ICP, UMT, Lahore

Moderator: Sara Subhan, Assistant Professor, ICP, UMT



Child Rights Movement (CRM), Lahore

1.      Mr. Iftikhar Mubarik

                  Child Rights Activist


Children Advocacy Network- CAN Pakistan

2.      Ms. Rashida Qurashi

                        Program Coordinator CAN

Plan International

3.      Mr. Syed Safdar

4.      Mr. Imtiaz Alam

Educational Advisor




The Salvation Army

5.      Commissioner Carol Telfer

Territorial President Women Ministry

6.      Ms. Uzma Ashiq

Children Ministries Coordinator & Resource Consultant

The Akhuwat College

7.      Wing Commander Anwar ul Haq, Principal

8.      TBA

9.      Naina


Concluded Remarks


Presentation of Certificates


Tea Break

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