1st International Conference, March, 2017

“Clinical Psychology and the Developing World: Issues, Challenges and Solutions”

Institute of Clinical Psychology (ICP) is pleased to announce  1st International conference, Clinical Psychology in the Developing World” on 9-10th  March, 2017.The major objectives of the conference are to provide opportunities for social scientists, academicians, civil society organizations, and students from all over the world to share knowledge and experience and to highlight the issues and challenges that need to be addressed in the service of general population.

We welcome Empirical papers and Posters focusing on Different issues related to Clinical Psychology in the Developing World. We welcome empirical papers for oral and poster presentation in the following themes:

1.      Marginalized Populations

2.      Developing Issues in Adolescence

3.      Poverty and Deprivation

4.      Forensic Psychology

5.      Health Psychology

6.      Positive Psychology

7.      School Psychology

8.      Bio-psycho-social and Spiritual Model

9.      Life Coaching

10.  Interpersonal relationship

11.  Aging

12.  Trauma and violence

13.  Special education

14.  Gender issues and rights 

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