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Ms. Sana Fatima & Ms. Fatima Ali

Lecturers, Department of Clinical Psychology,

School of Professional Psychology (SPP), UMT

Drastic changes in the Educational World: Pandemic Challenges & its Solutions

  • Effects of changes in ecology
  • Effects of ecology on education
  • Effective strategies of online education
  • Helping the audience to understand other's perspective

15th November, 2021, Monday



Ms Asma Ijaz  & Ms. Hira Farhan

Lecturers DAP, DCP

School of Professional Psychology, UMT


Career Opportunities: Preparing Yourself for the Better Future

  • To assist students in seeking out opportunities to gain experience within their chosen career fields
  • To assist students in learning about job opportunities in their intended career path (Private and Govt. Sector)
  • Discuss strategies to prepare for a job Test (FPSC, PPSC, NTS)

15th November 2021


2:00 PM- 3.30 PM


Ms. Sadaf Lal Din

Research Associate, Visiting faculty

Department of psychology, UCP

Happiness for all: Basic strategies to overcome intolerance

  • The workshop provided the participants with the basic strategies to deal the intolerance and stay happy.

15th November, 2021




Dr. Sara Subhan (Assistant Professor) DCP (SPP)

Ms. Mishal Khan Lodhi

Lecturer DAP (SPP)

Internet relationships in the Era of Technology: Tying the Virtual  Knots

  • Awareness regarding the use and abuse of internet.
  • Acquiring an understanding about the nature of internet relationships and its effect.
  • Psycho-educating general population about the detrimental impact of excessive internet use.
  •  Using solution focused approach to use various ways to resolve commitment and relationship issues.

15th November, 2021, Monday

10.00 am-12.30pm



Ms. Rubab Khan

Clinical Psychologist & CBT Therapist

PACT Organization, Lahore

Child’s Mental health and parenting: A strong connection

  • In this workshop participants will be given awareness about child's mental health and parenting.
  • Types of parenting and its outcome
  • Assessment and management overview will be given.

15th November, 2021, Monday



Dr. Rabia Hanif

Assistant Professor/Acting Head

Department of Applied Psychology, Riphah International University, Islamabad

Slippery slope of Addiction: Prevention Skills and Training

By the end of the training, participants would be able to:

  • Describe drug prevention and its levels
  • Explain role of risk and protective factors
  • How to design appropriate prevention campaigns
  • Implement strategic prevention framework

16th November, 2021, Tuesday



Ms. Noor u lain Nasir

&  Ms. Iqra Saeed



Media: The differential impact and beyond

  • The impact Mass Media exposure and Social Media has on different age groups.
  • Light will be shed on Television content, Print Media, Radio, Social Media esp. Instagram, snapchat, Facebook etc. due to Media convergence, Role of Mobile phones etc.


16th November,2021






Mr. Muhammad Aslam

Clinical Psychologist & CBT Therapist, Recovery Clinic Lahore

OCD in pandemic: Turning a problem into an opportunity

  • This workshop will highlight the importance of CBT, relaxation exercise, imaginal exposure, postponing obsessions, worry time, recorded exposure, role of family, case formulation, psycho education and relapse prevention.

17th November,2021



In person


Ms. Amna Batool (Organizational Psychologist& Ms. Maha Azhar

Counselling Psychologist

Co-Founders of The Psych Lab

Managing Digital Wellbeing

  • Create awareness and understanding of digital well-being, its definition, measurement and Improvement.
  • Explain the challenges that surface when digital well-being is negatively impacted
  • Illustrate the tools and impart the skills that can help us manage digital well-being.

17th November, 2021,Wednesday



Ms. Beenish Mubeen

Lecturer, Department of Applied Psychology, SPP, UMT

Parametric Testing: The beast of bias

  • Familiarize the Researcher with the importance of initial screening/preliminary analysis before going to main analysis
  • To highlight the biases in the data that ultimately affect the outcome of your study.
  • To talk about the solutions that how can you correct the Biases in your data.


18th November, 2021, Thursday




Ms. Sumaira Ayub

Lecturer, Department of Applied Psychology, SPP, UMT

Non-parametric Testing: Distribution free Tests

  • To familiarize the audience with the importance of non-parametric statistical analyses in behavioral research
  • Brief introduction of possible non-parametric statistical tests i.e. Chi Square, Wilcoxon signed rank test, Mann-Whitney test, The Kruskal-Wallis Test, Logistic Regression etc.
  • In depth discussion of main non-parametric tests which are alternative of parametric tests, When and how to use the non-parametric statistical analyses

details will be updated soon

Ms. Farzeen Heesambee

Assistant Researcher for the DFG-AHRC funded SpaTrem project at Nottingham Trent University


Academic Writing in English

  • Writing effective sentences
  • Reflective writing
  • Critical thinking and critical writing
  • Constructing arguments
  • To develop skills: analyze, compare, discuss, evaluate and review
  • Essay and paragraphs organization


18th November, 2021,Thursday




Ms. Ayesha Aziz

Lecturer, Kinnaird College for Women, PhD Scholar, PU, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Semi Structured Interview: A guide to the world of words

  • Identify the primary goal of a semi structured in-depth interview guide
  • Formulate the research question into in-depth interview questions
  • Define the term “ semi-structured interview guide” and describe how to construct one
  • Outline the guidelines for constructing good qualitative interview questions
  •  Describe the function and purpose of field notes and journals in qualitative research
  •  Identify the strengths and weaknesses of interviews

19th November, 2021,Friday





Ms. Aneeza Pervez

Doctoral Candidate

Department of Psychology and Human Development, Institute of Education

Public Engagement: The Impact of Research Beyond Academia

  • Understand public engagement and its importance
  • Start thinking of ways in which research can involve the public and its findings and impact extended beyond academia

19th November, 2021, Friday

2:00 -4:00 pm



Dr Ioanna Karaoulani

University Specialist

Mental Health Mentor, Alumni University of Nottingham

Negative Impact of Social Media on Mental Health and Academic Performance of University Students

  • Time management skills: The understanding and implementation of the basics of time management. Managing time means managing oneself.
  • Emotional intelligence, Educational intelligence and the best short term goals for University students.
  • Teaching organizational skills to promote Academic success. Prioritizing is the key.

19th  November, 2021, Friday

2.00pm to 4:00 pm  


Dr. Suzzana

Adjunct Professor at Long Island University Coordinator of Behavior Intervention Specialists at Head Injury Association

Challenging Behaviors

  • To understand what are the functions of Challenging Behaviors
  • To learn evidence based strategies used to decrease Challenging Behaviors

22nd November, 2021,Monday

9:30am to 11:30 am


Ms. Sabrina Asim (Clinical Counselor) & Ms. Ushna Farrukh (Counselling Coordinator) Department of Clinical Psychology School of Professional Psychology (SPP),UMT

Internet &addiction: How to fight back

  • Looking into the process of getting hooked on social media and develop insight regarding one’s tendency of addictive behaviour.
  • Learning the actions and behaviors that strengthen and maintain the habit of social media usage.
  • Training how to limit and control social media usage and get rid of addiction.
  • Learning how to take control of their actions before it converts into a social media addiction.

22nd  November, 2021, Monday




Ms. Sidra Liaquat

PhD Scholar

Department of Social & Organizational Psychology,

Faculty of Psychology,

University of Barcelona, Spain

Psychology in Media: Action Research into Social Change & Wellbeing

  • Understanding of Media Psychology as a change agent
  • Formulation of Action Research

22nd November,2021


2:00-5:00 pm


Ms. Hadiyya tur Rahman Mubaraka

MPhil Scholar

National Institute of Psychology

Quaid-e-Azam University


Using Grounded Theory in your Research: Concepts and Applications

  • By the end of session seekers will be able to:
    Understand basics of qualitative research methods.
  • From the session 1 the learner will learn and apply basics of grounded theory analysis.
  • From session 2 the learner will gain knowledge on multiple grounded theory analysis and apply basic knowledge in practice.
  • Lastly the differences between two qualitative research analyses will be highlighted.

23rd November, 2021,Tuesday

9.30 am- 12.30 pm


Dr. Sayyeda Taskeen Zahra    &

Ms. Ayesha Jabeen

Assistant Professors, SPP, UMT

Paper Publication: Solutions for the Novice


  • Incentives of paper publication
  • Procedural setbacks during paper publication
  • How to find a journal with good acceptance rate
  • Authorship issues
  • Understanding why papers are rejected?
  • Solutions to quick paper publication

23rd November, 2021, Tuesday

2:00-4:00 pm


Dr. Imran Ijaz Haider

FRC Psych (London), MRC Psych (London), DPM (UK)
Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioural Sciences, Fatima Memorial Hospital


Looking after oneself as Psychologist during COVID -19: Therapy for the Therapists

Audience will be able to;

  • Know the importance of why therapists require therapy.
  • What type of personal therapies can be used for the therapists
  • How to practice self-regulating skills


24th November, 2021,Wednesday

9.30 am-12.30 pm



Dr. Afsheen Masood

Associate Professor

Institute of Applied Psychology, PU

Media Conundrum of Child Sexual Abuse : Portrayal and Prevention

  • Focus on effective strategies for sexual violence prevention
  • An attempt would be made to highlight the role of Psychologists in promoting the media portrayal of CSA news’ coverage
  • What precautionary measures could be used in order to curb the negative ramifications of apathetic news reporting and how media platforms can be utilized in the best interest of the community by devising such programs that could impart insight into Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Skills in the light of Psychological theory and principles.

details will be updated soon

Mr. Imran Mahmood

Visiting lecturer, Department of Applied Psychology, SPP, UMT

Partial least square structural equation modeling through Smart-PLS (mediation &moderation)

  • To familiarize with a different software and a new approach to work on Structure equation modeling for advance statistical analysis helpful in complex modeling and analysis.

details will be updated soon


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